every wine is a story


Oh, if only she could lay her eyes upon one of those poor devils
struggling to have a sign of lustful approval from her!
Donna Paolina, fire of youth, ardor on the cheeks, the heart of every never-ending chattering.
Unripe, and still no stranger to the pleasures of life,
Donna Paolina is pervaded with a mysterious, yet evident and bright, femininity.

Vino Donna Paolina

Passerina I.G.T.

Straw-yellow in color with greenish hues, the palate reveals clear sensations of ripe fruit, accompanied by a lively acidity and the right balance

Food Pairings

This wine goes well with any seafood dish, but it also fits well with first courses and white meat dishes


This wine is best served at a temperature of 8-10°C

Conte Tinelli
Conte Tinelli

He typically goes hand in hand with living life at its fullest,
and shows himself up under every circumstance.
He is tasteful, good-looking, with refined manners and immaculate clothes of all fashions,
his own nobility is never at risk of being overshadowed.
As a pleasant company, he is the most eagerly
awaited guest of any party that matters.
Conte Tinelli is well known to possess the nonchalance typical of his origins,
which makes him a lover and a loved one,
at the perfect aging stage of balance and intellect.

Vino Conte Tinelli - Falerio Pecorino

Falerio Pecorino D.O.C.

Straw-yellow in color with greenish hues, ample bouquet and hints of fresh fruit.
Full-bodied and aromatic mouth-feel, with mineral hints and generous floral notes. Excellent structure, well-balanced with a nice touch of crispness.

Food Pairings

This wine perfectly matches with seafood first and second courses. It also perfectly pairs with soups and fried fish. Taste it with side dishes, too. Enjoy it with white meats and soft cheeses


This wine is best served at a temperature of 8-10°C


There is no man in the whole village who has not got a sign or a hint of his wisdom.
Year after year, season after season, he has a character that shows the best of himself while aging.
It is no big deal having crossed the threshold of middle age,
it rather lightens his spirits, increasing memory and experience.

Vino Monsignore - Rosso Piceno Superiore

Rosso Piceno Superiore D.O.C.

Full-bodied structure, characterized by tannic hints and fresh notes. It is perfectly balanced and elegant. Ruby red in color with violet hues tending towards garnet red. These characteristics ensure excellent longevity.

Food Pairings

We recommend pairing this wine with fatty meats, such as pork, lamb or game. Lovely with cheeses of any type.


This wine is best served at a temperature of 18°C


BAG in Box - Orazio

Orazio, may you be blessed!
In the tavern you are known for your wit, laughter is herald of your presence.
Woe to those who keep Orazio away from his card game, the luckiest hand for sure,
and from the sacred daily glass of wine that seems to bear the fingerprints of the common people.
“The good habit is the one that keeps us together!”,
that’s what you sing, step by step, alley by alley,
through handshakes and kind of funny bows in your life
lived in the moment that is so light and dear to everyone.


La Torre del Nano

Torre del Nano is a young and freshly relaunched business, still tracing its roots back to its background and past traditions.

Like dwarves perched on the shoulders of giants, we can look ahead and move forwards only if we build on our fathers’ wisdom, encapsulated in the history of a territory that has always been satisfied with its productive purpose.

La Torre del Nano is a metaphorical village, the heart of ancient popular knowledge that comes back to life thanks to forward-looking new generations. Our products are organically grown, respect the territory, without forgoing the most advanced and innovative technologies.

The result is a clean and high-quality wine, where past and present meet to bring forth something new.

Torre del Nano is a member of the FIVI association (Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers): we manage and carry out the entire production chain.


Torre del Nano - Villa San Lazzaro

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We look forward to seeing you at
Villa San Lazzaro
in Offida 63073 (AP), 181 C. da Lava


Wines by Nano

Vino Orazio
12,00 IVA inclusa
Vino Monsignore - Rosso Piceno Superiore
11,00 IVA inclusa
Vino Donna Paolina - Passerina
10,00 IVA inclusa
Vino Conte Tinelli - Falerio Pecorino
11,00 IVA inclusa


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